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Someone wrote an article on why beginner’s are the best… and we agree!

Why leading is not more difficult than following, and how to make it true

Why we sometimes say ‘no’ to a dance

Why Lindy Hop has 6 and 8 beat patterns

Ever wonder why there are 6 beat moves when the music is arranged in 4 sets of 8? Check out this informative article about the history of the dance.

How to judge your partner’s limits

No matter how well you know your partner, it is important to ramp up slowly the first time you dance with them on a given night. How to test-drive your partner

The Proactive Follower

Great followers never “just follow.” They are constantly being proactive in many different ways in order to make the dance successful and contribute their voice to what is being created. Read more about being “The Proactive Follower

On the joy of dancing with each other

In the process of trying to become better dancers, we often become overly focused on technique. We forget the beginner’s joy of dancing with another person (no matter our skill level). And there is so much joy in that endeavor. Read more about the “Joy of Dancing with Each Other

Swing Etiquette Tips

Pragmatic Dance Etiquette Tips (Primarily for Swing Dancers) that cover Practical Partner-changing and Related Advice (because sometimes the social stuff seems complicated). Read more about “Swing Etiquette Tips

Swing Etiquette Tips… in picture form

Why read when you can look at this whiz bang picture of swing etiquette? Check it out “Swing Etiquette

Taking Care Of Your Body For Lindy Hoppers

Fredericton Swing Dance