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Swing Dance Executives and Responsibilities


    • Provides direction and leadership for the advancement and promotion of the objectives of the Club
    • Maintains the list of members, including Executive Officers
    • Supervises the other Executive Officers
    • Performs and fulfills any other duties as may be required to achieve the objectives of the club

Current: Nikole Watson

Vice President

    • Reports to the President
    • Assists the President in all duties
    • Has all the powers and responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence.
    • Organizes the meeting(s) and election(s)

Current: Michael Sleep

Public Relations Officer

  • Reports to the President
  • Is the official spokesperson for the Club
  • Maintains the club’s e-mail list
  • Promptly responds to communications on behalf of the club (e.g. requests for information), bringing information needing exec involvement to the exec’s attention

Current: Alexander Carleton


  • Reports to the President
  • Books space for classes
  • Takes meeting minutes and stores them for future reference.

Current: Jacquelyn Teo


  • Reports to the President
  • Gathers membership fees from club Members
  • Maintains documentation of incoming and outgoing monies/funds

Current: Alysha Brodie

Event Organizer

  • Reports to the President
  • Informs and reminds the Members about events
  • Maintains communication channels for events in collaboration with the Public Relations Officer
  • Finds and/or organizes events, including booking space

Current: Michael Sleep 

Fredericton Swing Dance